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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I order catalogs?

    You have 3 options for obtaining a catalog of one of our collections. Click on the "Catalog" link at the top of every page. You can check the box under each cover and then click on "Check Out" and you will be at our on-line catalog ordering service. To get a copy of the catalog to view on your computer, click on the PDF catalog under each catalog cover or just click on the eBook links and you can flip through the catalog and using a color printer, print a high resolution copy of the pages you like.

    There are many advantages to getting the complete catalog. Each collection has more than 60 pieces; unfortunately a store has space for only a few. The catalog will show every piece. It also has beautiful photography that will give you design ideas of how to use the furniture in your home. Finally, the finish may be more accurate than the website photography.

  • Can I purchase or get a price quote directly from Bedbreakfast?

    The only product Bedbreakfast sells direct to consumers is in our Factory Close-outs section of the website. These items are only available for sell on the website because we are not planning further production on this merchandise and there are small quantities left of these items. Our authorized retailers and designers set their prices on the Bedbreakfast products they sell so you will need to contact them for a price quote.

  • How can I find the nearest store selling Bedbreakfast?

    From the home page on our website, click the Connect -> Dealer Locator to search for qualified retailers in your area.

  • How do I find a dealer who carries an exact piece of furniture I'm interested in?

    Due to the large volume of products Bedbreakfast offers, it is virtually impossible to locate a particular piece at a specific location. The Dealer Locator provides the telephone numbers of dealers in your area so you can contact them. If they do not have the exact item on their floor, they may have items from the same collection and they will have current catalogs so you can view high resolution images of the items you are interested in purchasing.

  • How do I purchase replacement parts (i.e., hinges, door/drawer pulls, recliner mechanisms, seat cushion inserts, etc.)?

    Bedbreakfast works closely with our retailers and designers to get replacement parts for their consumers as quickly as possible. To get any replacement parts for your furniture just visit a retailer near your home and they will assist you with getting any hinges, door/drawer pulls, recliner mechanisms, seat cushion inserts, etc. that you need. If you need the name of a retailer in your area, click on the Retail Locator at the top of any page on this website.

  • When I have a complaint about my furniture, whom should I contact?

    Bedbreakfast is concerned with any problems or issues that arise. However, because of the specific information required to determine the cause of the problem as well as the best way to handle it, please visit your local retailer and they will work with Bedbreakfast to determine possible resolutions quickly.

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